Tips When Choosing An Air Compressor

There many different things to consider when it comes to selecting a suitable air compressor for use with your air tools. It is important to make the right considerations so that you can get a compressor that is not only long lasting and reliable but also perfectly matched for the tools and jobs that it will be used for.

One of the main criteria that many people consider is the amount of horsepower in the machine. This is very important but can also be very confusing, not least because the pricing difference between compressors with seemingly similar horsepower can vary greatly. Using the correct amount of horsepower is crucial for certain tasks and can help to limit the frequency of the air compressor servicing requirements.

Some manufacturers inflate their horsepower rating so it is important to pay close attention to the specifications. A compressor that may state that it has 5hp may actually only put out 2hp. This is because it may only need 15 amps from an 110v circuit. Machines that produce เครื่องอัดอากาศ  the full 5hp are likely to need a minimum of 24 amps from a 220v circuit. So in order to choose the correct and most suitable horsepower it is a good idea to inspect each machine closely and not simply base your decision on pricing.

Another thing to consider is the PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch. This basically refers to the air that will power your tools. Compressors come with different PSI ratings and this, as with the horsepower ratings, will affect the price. You will need to determine what type of jobs you will be doing and how heavy duty you will need you compressor to be. Most hardware store assistants will be able to give accurate recommendations as per specific individual requirements so it’s worth having a chat with them.

In addition to the PSI you will also need to learn about the CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute rating. This is refers to the measurement of air volume being moved by the machine and this again will be determined by what you intend to use the machine for. It is important to pay close attention to all the specifications and compare a few different machines because manufacturers will not necessarily make it all clear for you.

One final tip to consider is to get plenty of feedback about a product. If you have researched a particular product and found it to be suitable in terms of technical specifications and pricing then the next thing to do is find out how other users feel about it. Find out things like the cost of the air compressor servicing, reliability, and ease of use.


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