Can you get scammed on onlyfans?

Criminals use women's real names and photos to create fake accounts that look almost identical to the original ones. The copycat account links to a website similar to OnlyFans, a platform popular with sex workers, and promises sexually explicit content in exchange for credit card information. They make false promises like “I'll do it later “, I've been busy “, I want to do something special, that's why it's taking so long. However, they will never keep their end of the deal.

How to travel safely during COVID-19.This is the main scam, anything with the cash app is a scam. I'm glad you posted this, although I hope a lot of people will see it because it happens a lot. Most likely, they will try to be reimbursed only through fans regardless. They were also trying to get you a dime.

The most common issues are incorrect billing, fraudulent accounts, identity protection, and unexplained account deletion. I contacted onlyfans support and a person named Brad responded by saying that “all purchases are final and non-refundable” supporting the scammer. This led them to promise certain types of photos or videos to their fans if they tipped their accounts extra, only to be scammed out of their money without the possibility of a refund. Scams do exist, but they are mainly targeted by smaller creators who haven't been on the OnlyFans platform that long.

The general rule of thumb to avoid scams is to never follow links outside the platform, even if they are sent through a personal message from the creator's account. However, the real person in those images and videos is the ultimate victim, as many OnlyFans scams are carried out this way. The creator, not OnlyFans, must refund the money when a customer disputes a payment with their credit card company, even though the scammer has already accessed their content. Yes, it's obviously a scam and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when he started saying that he only wanted to send 10, then he asked me to send 50 back and gave him his cashapp and paypal, everything fell into place.

There is also another scam to look out for, if this guy told me that he has a lot of tips left in his account that he needs to get rid of, so if he could send me tips and I send half the sum of the tip to his cashapp and I can keep the other half of the tip to help. While scams are commonly reported on the platform, they are mostly due to confusion and misunderstandings between fans and creators.