Does onlyfans steal your money?

No, onlyfans doesn't steal your money. A content creator gets 80 percent of all money earned on OnlyFans, and OnlyFans receives a 20 percent cut. The tweet concludes that OnlyFans is stealing from creators as a clandestine way to pay back taxes that the company owes to the UK. For this, the tweet says, OnlyFans is blocking creators while profits are still waiting to be withdrawn from their site's accounts.

Those profits then return to the company. OnlyFans and other amateur porn sites have seen their memberships soar during the COVID-19 pandemic, as workers try to find creative sources of income. That means that OnlyFans has also been making money. But the alleged three years of unpaid taxes could raise such a large bill that the company would have to go into the pockets of its creators to pay it.

Meanwhile, the company refutes these claims. It is possible that OnlyFans has been collecting this tax from subscribers and paying it to the British government for its entire existence. OnlyFans confirmed to Input that “the fiscal position of OnlyFans since its creation is being reviewed. The UK tax office could double the taxes owed as a fine by making an already high bill lean toward the astronomical.

The tax office declined to comment on any particular business, but also confirmed to Sky News that “there have been no recent changes in the VAT rules regarding electronically supplied services and digital platforms. Well, for now OnlyFans has not yet come to a conclusion with U, K. It is not clear how much, exactly, any decision will affect the company's revenues. In the meantime, OnlyFans wants its content creators to have peace of mind knowing that their experience on the site will not change.

OnlyFans is a website that allows fans to subscribe to their favorite social media accounts, YouTube channels or celebrities for a monthly fee. The company added that, in almost all cases, creators who violate the terms of OnlyFans have their accounts restricted or temporarily suspended pending an unbanned investigation outright, as claimed by the viral tweet. However, the premium girls saw that you could charge people to follow them, so they started creating OnlyFans accounts to make more money. However, Newsweek has seen many Reddit threads from verified OnlyFans creators discussing the prevalence of the problem.

They then steal your information and hack your OnlyFans account or commit identity fraud while stealing your money. Someone is posing as a customer service representative with an OnlyFans email account, requesting “additional payments needed and account information. The tweet concludes that OnlyFans is stealing from creators as a clandestine way to pay the taxes that the company owes to the U. Video ads were spreading all over YouTube advertising a way to allegedly get a free OnlyFans subscription to a profile.

The creator, not OnlyFans, must refund the money when a customer disputes a payment with their credit card company, even though the scammer has already accessed their content.