How much does onlyfans cost?

OnlyFans sets the minimum and maximum subscription rates. The platform only charges fan creators directly. Charge 20% of the subscription price. Another cost is the OnlyFans cut, since the platform takes 20%.

One of the first things you should do when deciding how much you should charge OnlyFans is to look at similar content creators in your niche and what they are charging for. The main advantage of using OnlyFans instead of an alternative is that the payment processing system is integrated into OnlyFans. After that controversy, OnlyFans put a limit on what creators can charge; the platform insisted that the change had nothing to do with Thorne. Now, Huldt has rebuilt his Instagram following and uses emoji letters to indicate that he has an OnlyFans.

So fans don't really “pay OnlyFans”, it's rather that the platform charges to promote content creation. Unlike other social platforms, OnlyFans allows creators of any niche to create content on their sites, even if it includes adult content. Discounts on your OnlyFans subscription from 24 to 72 hours can be a good way to increase the number of subscribers you have. Although OnlyFans was initially launched as a subscription-based platform for exclusive content, it wasn't long before it became synonymous with sex work.

However, Patreon is a little more difficult to use than OnlyFans and doesn't provide the same “social tools” as OnlyFans. Creating an OnlyFans account is free and easy and there is no contract for you or your subscribers. The success stories of joining OnlyFans raided the media, but the reality is that not everyone who joined became millionaires. Before using OnlyFans, Huldt increased her Instagram following through regularly posting suggestive content, and gained a big advantage when Instagram influencer Allegra Cole boosted her account to her 1 million followers.

As you've deducted, creating an OnlyFans account isn't enough to start making money, most creators don't even make enough money to pay their bills. When you have a list of people whose influence value is similar to yours, look for the rank they charge on OnlyFans. While OnlyFans is more than just another social media platform, you'll have to see all your influence, as well as the content you intend to create. Unlike TikTok or Instagram, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where creators can monetize their content and get paid for sharing things like photos and videos.