What can't you show on onlyfans?

Content that references a long list of articles including incest, self-harm and suicide, drugs, weapons, necrophilia, violence and lack of sexual consent, prostitution and revenge pornography is not allowed under any circumstances. Self-harm and suicide content: onlyfans prohibits content that in any way mentions or visualizes self-harm or suicidal images or words. You want to avoid writing posts that may mention suicidal thoughts or actions on your OnlyFans page. OnlyFans will prohibit users from uploading photos and videos of sexually explicit conduct starting October 1.Although the company will block depictions of sexual acts, nudity is still allowed as long as the creators adhere to the OnlyFans Acceptable Use Policy.

The changes are due to pressure from payment providers and banks, as Bloomberg first reported. If public sex is your problem, you will no longer be able to enjoy it on OnlyFans. The adult subscription platform has recently introduced a ban on sexual or nude content created in “public places, including outdoors. Vice was the first to detect the new addition to the OnlyFans terms of use, noting that as of the files saved in mid-February, there was no such ban.

All frontal nudity content on OnlyFans has to be behind a paywall.