What content is onlyfans banning?

OnlyFans, a self-described “subscription social network”, announced last week that it would ban sexually explicit content starting in October. The ban was a shock because, behind the generic brand, this content is perceived as the biggest attraction of OnlyFans. After causing confusion and frustration among its community of adult content creators, onlyfans announced the month of August. This story was updated Tuesday to clarify that Mastercard's new policies were not the reason for OnlyFans's decision, according to the company.

Since then, he has used his work on camera to run a management company with more than 200 OnlyFans creators as clients. But according to its new guidelines, what it is doing goes far beyond positioning itself as a safe platform for work for content creators; to a large extent, it is abandoning the product that made it popular. OnlyFans didn't respond to TechCrunch's questions about its definition of sexually explicit content or how it expected this to impact the company's bottom line. While jokes about OnlyFans' bad business decision have been all over Twitter both before and after its Wednesday reversal, the mockery of seeing a company choking while biting the hand that feeds it is marred by the economic reality of those affected.

But on Tuesday, the CEO and co-founder of OnlyFans, Tim Stokely, blamed the company's financial sponsors for the porn ban. While the company has recently debuted and promoted its OFTV app, an SFW alternative to the main OnlyFans site, and of course there are many creators on the platform who don't produce sexually explicit content, this will be a huge blow to both the sex work industry and the company itself. Harwood pointed out that many of the most successful artists on OnlyFans are not those who publish sexually explicit content, but rather those who master the art of “teasing and arousal.” Last week, OnlyFans said it would ban adult material from October 1, much to the dismay of its users and creators, who argued that doing so ran the risk of taking that work underground. OnlyFans terms of service describe a number of things that are prohibited on its platform, including material involving people under 18 and other illegal or harmful content.

That's why an announcement by OnlyFans last Thursday that it would completely ban sexual activity, starting in October, caused some panic in the porn industry, said Brian Gross, an industry publicist. Oyster Kim is a sex worker and creator of OnlyFans, and although her income streams are already diverse, she says that online platforms provide stability and employment record that is especially difficult to achieve in a criminalized industry. Fans, which, according to founder Dominic Ford, now has more than 14,000 verified creators, 2,000 of whom completed the registration process within hours of OnlyFans changing their terms of service. If OnlyFans ends up reversing its course again, there are alternative platforms, but the bigger issue prevails.

Earlier this month, OnlyFans, a website widely used by sex workers to share images and videos with paying subscribers, confirmed that it would ban “sexually explicit content” that had been central to its reputation and business model. The move is likely to anger many OnlyFans content creators, who rely on the service as a key source of revenue.